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Investment Strategies

Defensive Growth

Defensive Growth is focused on long-term growth while providing a higher degree of short-term stability than the typical portfolio of stocks.

This strategy aims to create meaningful returns using trust preferred securities, hybrid preferred securities, and traditional preferred securities to ensure an acceptable level of risk.

Intelligent Blend

Intelligent Blend seeks to provide a balanced portfolio using growth stocks of all sizes: small, medium, and large. The goal of this strategy is to inject a higher degree of stability into growth stock investing by blending small, high growth companies with larger, more mature companies.

Intelligent Growth

Intelligent Growth seeks to invest in small, growing companies whose fundamentals set them apart as excellent growth prospects. Companies selected for this strategy generally have market values of less than $2 billion. Some mid-sized companies that meet the investment criteria are also included.

The UIA Investment Strategies at a Glance

Portfolio Attributes

Defensive Growth Intelligent Blend Intelligent Growth

Separately-Managed Account

yes yes yes

Low Turnover

yes yes yes

Trust Preferred Securities

yes yes no

Income Generation

yes no no

Large Cap Stocks

yes yes no

Mid Cap Stocks

no yes yes

Small Cap Stocks

no yes yes

Foreign ETFs

no yes yes

Capital Appreciation

no yes yes

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