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Intelligent Blend: A Diversified Investment Portfolio

The Intelligent Blend strategy seeks to provide you with a balanced portfolio using primarily growth stocks of all sizes: small, medium, and large. The goal of this strategy is to inject a higher degree of stability into stock investing by blending small, high-growth companies with larger, more mature companies still growing over 10 percent, annually.

Intelligent Blend portfolios typically are comprised of 1/3 large-cap, 1/3 mid-cap and 1/3 small-cap stocks in the equity portion. Because each client portfolio is managed separately, UIA can also tailor portfolios to meet your risk tolerance and return expectation. For example, you may have a longer investment horizon and thus want a greater allocation to small-cap stocks than mid- and large-cap stocks. Some equity product clients request a small allocation to higher income-generating securities (i.e. fixed-income type). After an initial meeting, UIA can fine-tune portfolio allocation to match your needs.

We manage sector risk by capping sector exposure to 10% above/below benchmark weights for smaller sectors. This distribution will vary with market conditions and investment opportunities. We constantly look for high-quality companies that offer attractive risk-reward profiles and potential for capital appreciation, based on our in-depth, in-house research.

Intelligent Blend Allocation

intelligent blend diversified investment allocation


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