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Defensive Growth using Preferred Securities

Today, it is more difficult than ever to achieve meaningful returns with an acceptable level of risk. Defensive Growth aims to do just that using preferred securities as a core holding, in addition to traditional preferred securities. This strategy is designed for those who might otherwise avoid equity exposure or are unsatisfied with low CD and money market returns.

Over the last 10 years, equities have provided investors with inconsistent returns and increasing volatility. For this reason, the Defensive Growth strategy has become increasingly attractive to our clients, especially those with more immediate income needs. The portion of the portfolio allocated to preferred securities and other fixed income will be determined by market conditions and your risk tolerance.



What is a Preferred?
Preferred securities were created by banks as a way to achieve favorable tax treatment on preferred dividends, while increasing the capital structure of the banks. These publicly-traded securities are issued at a par value of $25 and are expected to be redeemed at par over the next five years. Continue Reading

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