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Intelligent Growth: High-Growth Investments

The Intelligent Growth strategy seeks to invest in small, growing companies whose fundamentals set them apart as excellent growth prospects. Companies selected for this strategy generally have market values of less than $2 billion. Some mid-sized companies that meet the investment criteria are also included.

Companies targeted for our Intelligent Growth portfolios are forecasted to grow revenue and earnings by at least 10 percent, annually.

Because small-cap stock portfolios tend to exhibit greater volatility than the broader universe of stocks, UIA aims to provide greater risk protection by limiting the size of positions within a portfolio, establishing firm buy and sell guidelines and avoiding industries known for their high cyclicality or failure rate (i.e. airlines, restaurants). We also include up to 33 percent of the portfolios in 7 percent dividend paying trust preferred securities. This allocation helps stabilize the portfolios during periods of market uncertainty.

Intelligent Growth portfolios typically include a significant allocation to select foreign country Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Foreign ETFs provide efficient diversification to high growth foreign economies. UIA uses several variables to determine investment opportunities in this sector. Including forecasted GDP growth, interest rate trends, natural resource exposure, political stability, growing middle class, and others.

Intelligent Growth Allocation

intelligent growth investment allocation


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