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Weekly Market Update for November 8th, 2019

by JM Hanley

The Dow was up on Friday, rising 6 points to close at 27,681. For the week, the Dow was up 1.2% (SP500 +0.9%) and year-to-date is now up 18.7% (SP500 +23.4%). The yield on the 10-year Treasury (an important interest-rate indicator) rose twenty-four basis points, closing at 1.95%. The price of crude oil rose two percent this week to $57 a barrel – up 26% YTD.

The week brought renewed optimism on the trade deal. The spokesman for China’s Ministry of Commerce said Thursday that the US and China had agreed to eliminate tariffs currently in place after sufficient progress on a trade deal. This optimistic prospect was later tempered by reports of strong resistance to such a move by some in the Administration.

The domestic economic outlook continues to be firmer than expected. Factory orders declined last month. But an important service-sector index rebounded by more than expected, driven by strength in business activity and employment. Consumer sentiment also improved. Confident consumers have been an important contributor to the economy’s resilience. News from Europe has also gotten better. German factory orders and retail sales throughout the Eurozone came in strong this week.

It was another busy week for third quarter earnings reports. Axon, which makes Taser, saw its share price surge today after reporting very positive results. Supply chain problems for the new Taser have been resolved, and shipments are good. Its new body camera, which gives senior personnel a live view, has also proven popular with police chiefs. CVS also did better than expected, and raised its forecast for full-year profits. Management was able to resolve problems that had arisen in its health insurance division (formerly Aetna) last quarter more quickly than anticipated. Trends have also been better than feared at its retail pharmacies.

Fidelity Information Services also put up better than expected numbers, and reported that early signs from recent acquisition WorldPay are encouraging. Merging both firms’ back office functions can save more than originally anticipated, and the management team sees robust opportunities to sell WorldPay’s products to Fidelity’s international customers. Fidelity provides internal software to banks and WorldPay helps process credit card transactions. One-time Fidelity subsidiary Black Knight, which sells software for servicing mortgages, was not so lucky. One of its larger clients opted to depart the platform. Such departures are rare and growth is expected to return to normal the year after next. Finally, Air Lease (which leases passenger jets to airlines) continues to navigate the grounding of the 737 Max well.

Next week is considerably lighter. Tencent is scheduled to report on Friday. So far, 80% of companies in the SP500 have reported. Earnings have been unchanged from last year, which is actually 5% better than expected. This, along with good economic data and the improved trade situation, has accounted for the market’s rise over the last few weeks.

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