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About Us

Our History

Ulland Investment Advisors (UIA) was founded by James Ulland in 1997. With $411 million in assets under management (as of March 31, 2024), UIA is a boutique investment advisory firm providing unique investment strategies and exceptional client service. Its six investment strategies (Intelligent Fixed Income, Intelligent Fixed Income GOVIntelligent Fixed Income IG, Defensive Growth, Intelligent Blend and Strategic Equity) seek to achieve above-market returns through a combination of growth and income.

Ulland Portfolio Management Minneapolis, MN

Our Process

UIA understands that each of its clients has different needs when it comes to their investments. As such, no two portfolios should be exactly the same. UIA will work with you to create a portfolio that matches both your risk tolerance and return expectations.

During an initial meeting (and subsequent meetings) Jim Ulland and the UIA staff help you assess which investment strategy is most suitable to your lifestyle depending on several factors such as investment experience, income needs versus capital appreciation goals, and investment horizon among others. As your situation changes (i.e. retirement, inheritance, etc.), UIA can easily make portfolio adjustments to reflect new goals and/or needs. UIA prefers to be in frequent contact with its clients, by phone, email, or in person.

UIA works with over 200 high-net-worth clients and manages endowments, trusts, IRAs, rollover IRAs, 401ks, Family Limited Partnerships, and individual taxable accounts. Clients range from small institutional investors such as foundation endowments and pension & profit sharing plans to attorneys, doctors, business owners, other professionals, and those who have inherited. UIA can manage existing portfolios or can help you set up a new investment account with the custodian of your choice.


Ulland Investment Advisors

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